At Petite Fair. Budget of an unusual fair in Rome

Brief review of A Petite Fair, an alternative fair that took place in Rome at the end of September. With an unprecedented formula: the location, in fact, is a gallery, in this case Frutta Gallery.

The founder Jeanine Hofland brought in the capital a concept born during the first edition of the Amsterdam Art Weekend in 2012 with the desire to organize something similar with similar galleries abroad. The role of the gallery, which is increasingly subordinate to fairs, finds a leading role and at the same time makes the fair event itself informal. The name “Petite” becomes logical for the size of the spaces, those of a small gallery and for everything else, a scale version of a fair with small stands, a small bookshop and a small bar.

The Dutch edition of the first year – says Hofland – was an experiment and immediately the informal context of the gallery thanks to a special dynamic caused between gallery owners and visitors was a success, as was the second edition.

Learn more about the Petite fair.

The charm of a fair like Petite is determined by the surprising and intimate nature and under no circumstances could the original location be maintained.

With the continuous expansion the nomadic element was introduced, a logical step to preserve these peculiarities, expanding its scope.

In this way Petite can easily respond to local developments all over the world, informal return and with the ability to explore the dynamics of the various capitals of art inserted in a global context.

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