How to do Decoration for festivites

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? I have a few items that I display, but for the most part I don’t spend much time decorating for this holiday. I have found that it is great just to add a couple of extra touches to my winter decor! Isn’t it great to be able to use red all winter long!


One thing that I did different this year, was to place the heart window adhesives to my girls’ bathroom mirror. They were so excited when they came home from school and noticed this addition to the bathroom! By the way, I store the plastic like hearts in between plastic wrap so I can use them from one year to the next.

After struggling with my computer, camera and blog, I am finally back to blog land. I’ve still been reading your blogs, just sorry for my absence and my lack of commenting. I think I need a tutorial on all the new changes with blogger. Any suggestions? I’ll be back soon with some new posts!

Christmas Tour

A number of my favourite bloggers are hosting Christmas tours this week! I hope you get to check them all out! This year I found myself simplifying my decorations and putting less accessories out. Someday this might change, but for now the simplicity works for our family. You can also gift handmade painting to your family.

This first picture is a close up of our front porch. I got some birch logs from my parents property! Just a galvanized bucket with some natural decorations! I still use a lot of red in my decorating. It could be, because red is my favourite color! I’ve seen so many beautiful homes that have an all-white theme, with just a touch of greenery, but I still keep my traditional red going. Will see what happens
in the future!

Here is our mantel. These are the same blue shutters that I picked up at a garage sale, and spray painted. I just add some seasonal decorations. I like to be able to use decorations year round, and make simple changes for each season or holiday. Some of our built-ins.Here is the vase that I got from my Grandmother. Just switched up with some Christmas greens!

I switched this vase to the table in our dining area. Typically it is on the mantel, but I wanted to simplify the corner stand. I’m using some leftover fabric from a craft project. It has red in it, but it isn’t a Christmas fabric. It should get me through the winter months, since it doesn’t “scream” Christmas.

Lastly, here is our tree! This is the first year that we put the tree in the front window. We have a nine foot tree and we typically put it in the entry area of our home. We just decided to try something different this year!

Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy all the other tours!

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